Main Features

  • Over 100 ShaderPaper Programs to start from
  • Pixel, detail, time and other effects
  • Beautiful battery saving options
  • New shaders added regularly
  • DayDream/Screen saver mode available ^^not VR^^
  • Reactive shaders gyroscope / accelerometer / touch / audio
  • Millions of different combinations
  • Unique personalization
  • Dynamic options for each ShaderPaper

General Overview

ShaderPaper renders using individual pixels to allow for the reduction of battery usage and also provide unique effects. There are so many ways you can customize your live wallpaper shader that it is difficult to even provide a good idea of what is possible. All I can try to do is show you the results and where to look.

Playlists can be made using presets you save that contain your selected options. The ShaderPaper will continue to render and switch the effects while running as your background. When you pair this with a single shader program but change the options and add them as presets you can make the effects play and switch efficiently with great effects.

The virtual pixels can change their shape, size and position to produce an amazing array of effects. While I can help show you how to start customizing I simply cannot produce any sort of comprehensive guide.

Features Overview

Pixel Shape

It should become immediately obvious that the pixels that make up the virtual resolution are not just squares. You have the option of running the live wallpapers with either a hexagon, circle, or square pixel shapes. This becomes more apparent when you are not running at the highest detail level. With these options some very cool live wallpapers can be achieved.

Detail Level

Change the size of the pixels rendered. Using a high detail level increases the virtual resolution while lowering the size of each pixel. This can allow for sharper display of the render, but can use more battery. Depending on your device it may also require more resources or cause slow downs and freezes. Lower detail level is a smaller virtual resolution with larger pixel sizes. The smaller virtual resolution can save battery as well as be handled better by older, less powerful devices.

Time Scale

Change how fast the rendered animation moves. While this does have an effect on battery it seems to be minimal. The effect on battery seems to be more related to the specific shader and how fast it is changing pixel colors. By keeping more of the AMOLED screen lit up at any one time it will use more battery.

Colorizer / Color

For now you can change colors used in the live wallpaper by moving the slider around. While this is not very specific with color selection it is not meant to. To make the Colorizer available to more live wallpapers in a global sense it was better to adulterate the original colors in most places it is used.

Zoom - Select Shaders

This option allows for select shaders to change the zoom of the canvas. It did not make a lot of sense to apply this to all shaders as most provide their effect and live wallpaper within a consistent viewing area. You will see zoom on shaders that are repetitive and you are more or less changing sizes of the elements within the repeating pattern.

Wonkyness - Select Shaders

Some shaders allow for a wider range of effects when tweaking a few parts of the math. To give you access to the wider range of customization you can use this option to manipulate the values for a more unique effect. Some fractal patterns change based off this value as it changes how many passes or subdivisions occur.

Things - Select Shaders

With this option you can change how many elements or objects used in the shader.