Make your phone's wallpaper experience be nothing short of awesome!
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Live wallpapers for your Android device

Customize your phone with animated live wallpapers that are heavy on the eye candy and light on the battery usage.

Play with style. With over 100+ shaders to start from each with it's own options to set, the results are infinite. Your unique choices will provide you with an amazing looking live wallpaper.

Start with a shader and begin to customize the scale, the look, and effects of the pixels used to render it. Lower detail level will use less battery and provide a minimalish look. Higher detail level can make some amazing views on your wallpaper.

Light on the battery. ShaderPaper optimizes its usage so that it does not run when it is not visible. Combined with the ability to change how detailed the wallpaper is and how fast it runs, ShaderPaper will use less battery then the launcher itself!